Safety Guidelines

As much as we appreciate all of our helpers, our main mission is OUR CHILDREN’S SAFETY! Helping at the barn is a wonderful opportunity to learn – and it’s a huge help to us. But we can NEVER, EVER forget that safety comes first!

When riding, you must always:

  • Be supervised.
  • Wear a properly fitting certified horseback riding helmet, long pants, and shoes with a hard sole and 1 inch heel. NO SNEAKERS OR HIKING BOOTS.
  • Walk (no trotting, etc.) around the barn area and to and from the ring whether on foot or mounted on your horse.

When around the horses, you must:

  • NEVER enter a horse’s stall without permission.
  • NEVER enter walk behind a horse.
  • Wear shoes that protect your feet. No open toe or open heel shoes.
  • Handle, feed (including treats), or pet horses only under supervision by the instructor.
  • NEVER enter a pasture containing horses only if accompanied by the instructor – or with another PEC staffer or volunteer who has received permission and safety training.
  • Avoid carrying loose items that may fall or blow away or flap in the wind or bounce or make sharp or loud noises.

When around the barn, you must always:

  • Be kind to ALL, especially younger children.
  • Look both ways before crossing through any doorway.
  • Return all barn items to proper place before leaving.
  • Be helpful and respectful to everyone in the barn (instructors, adults, and other children.)
  • Use your manners (Yes, No, Please and Thank You)

When at Porter’s Equine Centre:

  • NEVER run or yell.
  • Parents, sitters or family members must keep siblings in their care while watching lessons.
  • Leave bicycles, scooters, noisy toys at home.